"The front door opens, you walk out onto the balcony and the WOW! does not leave you for the week."

"Loved staying in the house and especially enjoyed the balcony and the fantastic view"

"The view really is very special and pictures 
cannot possibly do it justice We must have taken hundreds!"

"From the binoculars for the birds playing in the valley, to very full compliment of kitchen equipment for making dinner watching , to excellent champagne flutes positively encouraging you to open a bottle of local blanquette – its all here"
"Best holiday in years!"
"We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it was a comfortable and relaxing stay with superb views"

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Village Accommodation

For weekly rent;

a quaint two bedroom village gite (cottage) in Saissac, Languedoc-Roussillon, near  medieval Carcassonne.


Self catering holiday accommodation in the South of France to quietly relax and unwind; an ideal base to explore the historic Languedoc region or discover the attractions of adjacent Corbiere and Minervois. Comfortably sleeps 4-6 people. Offering panoramic views over Chateau de Saissac and 120 km across to the Pyrenees. Available for weekly or monthly rent. Wireless Internet connection included in tariff.Simply stunning!!

View house and rooms and the photos of the region or discover more about this great destination in the South of France.

Attractions of the Region

Carcassonne (La Cite)

Carcass_160.jpg Steeped in centuries of history, La Cite is reportedly now the most visited tourist site in all of France.

Originally an outpost of ancient Rome under the control of Julius Caesar, and progressively developed through the ages by successive conquerors, this stunning World Heritage attraction now stands as Europe's largest fortified citadel.....  

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Markets, Restaurants & Vineyards

Market_160.jpgImmerse yourself in rural French culture the way it always was!! Weekly food and local produce markets abound in close by villages.

There are plenty of hearty eateries, vineyards and degustation opportunities to supplement your real French experience.

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Cathars & their Castles

Queribus_160.jpgApart from La Cite, the Languedoc offers an impressive selection of formidable Cathar castles and outposts, some very easy to access and others perched on craggy hilltops. Here the gentle and God loving Cathars sought refuge from marauding XIIth and XIIIth century Catholic Crusaders, forgiven for their sins in advance, anointed by successive Popes to wipe out "The Great Heresy" ..  

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Canal du Midi

Canal.jpgWinding gently through the Languedoc in a 240 km network of navigable waterways, linking the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the Canal du Midi is one of the most remarkable feats of civil engineering in modern times. Access to the Canal and river-boat rental is a few minutes easy drive from Saissac ....

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Exploring Saissac

Saissac_160.jpgSaissac is a tranquil medieval village, spilling gently down the hillside at the foot of the Montagne Noir into the historic Languedoc valley. It offers its own ruined Cathar château, a mere 300 metres stroll from the house. There are several interesting parks, lakes and walks around the area... 

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Tauteval Cave & Pre Historic Museum

160_1.jpgJourney back over 500,000 years to prehistoric times, with static and interactive displays, to the days when tribes of the earliest homo erectus cavemen, without knowledge of fire or metal, roamed and hunted across the valleys and plains of Languedoc. Amongst the oldest human remains ever discovered in Europe, and attesting to some forty different occupation periods, almost half a million items of archaeological value have been recovered since the cave’s discovery in the mid 1960’s.Very highly recommended!!

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Saissac Stone Cottage House

21 Rue d' Autan, 
Saissac 11310

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