Getting to Saissac

21 Rue d’Autan, Saissac, Aude, France

    Saissac is a medieval village, 17kms to the north west of Carcassonne, at the foot of the Montagne Noir (Black Mountains). It has a 1000 year old ruined chateau and spectacular views across the Languedoc Valley towards the Pyrenees.

Suggested Flight Destinations:

Toulouse Blanac Airport is just over 60 minutes driving time from the house. It is an international airport serviced by:
·        Easyjet
·        British Airways
·        Air France
·        Lufthansa
If travelling direct to France from the South Pacific, we recommend arranging flights into Los Angeles and then the Lufthansa connections via Germany (Munich or Frankfurt), and then across to Toulouse. These flight arrangements lessen the actual travel time and keep you clear of the congestion in Paris or Heathrow.   
The local airport at Carcassonne, 15minutes or so drive time from the house, is serviced by RyanAir, who provide regular or daily services from seven European destinations:
·        Brussels
·        Cork
·        Dublin
·        London (Standsted)
·        Liverpool
·        East Midlands
·        Shannon
The fares offered by RyanAir are very reasonable, but they are primarily a low cost trans-European carrier; be very aware of their baggage restrictions. They allow only limited weights to be carried. Some long haul travellers have then been charged substantial excess baggage fees!!
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Driving Instructions

Click below to download a pdf containing detailed driving instructions from all corners of France:
Albi and Mazamet

Driving Distances: (on Peage ‘A’ Freeways)
Paris to Saissac (blue circle as shown) - 7-8 hours


Toulouse to Saissac - 1 hour; Carcassonne to Saissac - 15/20 minutes.
Narbonne to Saissac - 1 hour; Spanish Border - 90 minutes.
Ski Fields in the Pyrenees - 90 minutes; Marseille to Saissac - 3 hours.


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Saissac Stone Cottage House

21 Rue d' Autan, 
Saissac 11310

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